Alberto Biasi

Born in 1937 in Padua, where he still resides, Alberto Biasi is one of the protagonists of Italian art in the postwar period, as well as one of the founders of the historic Gruppo N. He later enrolled in the Department of Architecture at the University of Venice as well as in a top-level industrial […]

Braco Dimitrijević

Braco-Dimitrijević-CVBraco Dimitrijević(Sarajevo, 1948) is a Paris-based Bosnian and Yugoslavian artist, pioneer of conceptual art. In the 1970s, Dimitrijević gained attention when he began his Casual Passer-by series, featuring very big close-up photographic portraits of everyday people that were hung on buildings and billboard in different cities across Europe and America. In the mid-seventies he started […]

Kendell Geers

Born in Johannesburg into a working-class Afrikaans family during the height of apartheid, Kendell Geers grew up realizing that his moral, spiritual and cultural education was based on racist lies. He ran away from home at the age of fifteen, and performed an artistic operation on himself by deciding to change his date of birth to […]

Emilio Isgrò

Born on 1937 at Barcellona di Pozzo, Sicily, Emilio Isgrò lives and works in Milan. Conceptual artist and painter, but also poet, writer, dramaturge and director, Isgrò is considered one of the most internationally renewed and prestigious names of the Italian art scene. His work can be considered among the most revolutionary and original within […]

Avish Khebrehzadeh

Avish Khebrehzadeh (Born in Tehran, Iran, 1969) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and has lived and worked in Tehran and Rome, before moving to Washington DC where she is currently based. Her work explores the power of figures and their multifaceted narrative aspect in multitude of mediums including painting, drawing, […]

Maria Lai

Maria Lai (Ulassai, 27 September 1919 – Cardedu, 16 April 2013) is today one of the great names of the international art scene. Her artworks are in important museums world-wide and in some of the most prestigious private collections. One of the most unique and profound voices of Italian post-war art, Maria Lai has articulated […]

Nino Migliori

Since 1948 Nino Migliori’s photography has been one of the most elaborated and interesting paths in European image culture. The beginnings appear divided between neo-realistic photography with a peculiar idea of sequential narrative, and experimentation on materials. On the one hand, almost immedinately a corpus emerged from the dominant style of the time, Neorealism: a […]


Nato a Enugu, in Nigeria, nel 1966, Odili Donald Odita esplora attraverso le sue opere l’elemento colore sia nel contesto figurativo che in quello storico e sociopolitico, attraverso il quale egli stesso vuole raccontare l’Africa e la sua ricca cultura. Secondo l’artista “Il colore in sé ha la possibilità di rispecchiare la complessità del mondo cosi come ha […]

Grazia Varisco

Grazia Varisco (Milan, 1937) is a central figure of kinetic and programmed art since its beginnings in the early 1960s when the artist joined the T Group in Milan, taking part in the Miriorama events, the Programmed Art exhibitions and those of the international Nouvelle Tendance movement. In so doing the artist had the opportunity […]

Agostino Iacurci

Agostino Iacurci (1986) is an Italian artist based in Berlin. His practice embraces a wide range of techniques and materials, including painting, mural, sculpture, drawing and engraving. The works of Agostino Iacurci are characterised by synthetic shapes and bright colours, as the artist uses a simple language to guide different layers of interpretation. His works […]