Kaarina Kaikkonen. Tied together

Installation view of the exhibition at M77 Gallery, Ph. Lorenzo Palmieri

From October 11, 2022 to January 14, 2023 in Milan, M77 and the Rotonda di Via Besana host Kaarina Kaikkonen’s exhibition Tied Together, curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, marking the artist’s first solo show in the city. Organized and promoted by M77 in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan’s Culture Sector, the exhibition consists of […]

Charlotte Perriand. The Avant-Garde is Female

M77 is proud to present Charlotte Perriand. The Avant-Garde is Female: an exhibition curated by Enrica Viganò, staged in collaboration with the Archives Charlotte Perriand and Admira e Cassina, due to open to the public on Monday 27 June at 7 pm through until Sunday 25 September 2022. The exhibition project sets out to shed […]

Valentino Vago. Presence

M77 is pleased to present Presence, an exhibition project dedicated to the artist Valentino Vago curated by Alberto Salvadori. The exhibition is rooted in the concept of presence in painting, one of the founding elements of Vago’s artistic practice. In his incessant search for pure light and for pushing beyond the sphere of the visible […]

Maria Lai. Il tempo dell’incalcolabile

M77 presenta, da martedì 26 ottobre 2021, Il tempo dell’incalcolabile, progetto espositivo dedicato all’artista Maria Lai, curato ed ideato per gli spazi della galleria da Alberto Salvadori. La mostra è realizzata in collaborazione con l’Archivio Maria Lai e offre uno sguardo sull’opera di Maria Lai con un progetto che verte sugli aspetti mitopoietici del lavoro […]

ALBERTO BIASI. The Visibility of the Invisible

M77 presents The visibility of the invisible, an exhibition project dedicated to the artist Alberto Biasi (Padua, 1937), curated by Alberto Salvadori and specially devised for the spaces of this gallery. The exhibition will be open to the public from Monday 17 May to Sunday 19 September 2021, compatibly with the possible restrictions due to developments […]


M77 Gallery presents OrnAmenTum’EtKriMen a solo show by South African artist and activist Kendell Geers (Johannesburg, 1968) curated by Danilo Eccher, open to the public from Monday 21 September 2020 to Saturday 30 January 2021. European by descent, African by birth, Kendell Geers defines himself as both animist and mystic, shaman and alchemist, punk and poet. […]


M77 Gallery presents Hosting Space, a solo show by Grazia Varisco (Milan, 1937) curated by Danilo Eccher which will be open to the public from November 19th 2019 to February 29th 2020. The exhibition stands as an aesthetic interpenetration aimed at bringing the works into dialogue with the architecture and environments of the gallery, thus […]

BRACO DIMITRIJEVIĆ. Traveling to Post History

M77 Gallery presents a new exhibition which from 10 June will animate the gallery: Traveling to Post History, a solo exhibition by the internationally renowned artist Braco Dimitrijević (Sarajevo, 1948). The exhibition, curated by Danilo Eccher, follows the style of the latest shows presented by M77, where artists are invited to freely interact and dialogue with […]


M77 Gallery is glad to present Veduta, a new solo exhibition by the Italian artist Velasco Vitali (Bellano, 1960), which will open to the public on Monday 4th March at 7 pm. The exhibition curated by Danilo Eccher, is conceived as a single large-scale exhibition project and is a tribute to the city of Milan and […]

AVISH KHEBREHZADEH – I Sing with My Tongue Silent

M77 Gallery presents I Sing with My Tongue Silent, a solo exhibition from the Iranian artist Avish Khebrehzadeh, which will open to the public on Monday 19 November at 7pm. Born in Tehran in 1969, Avish is part of the group of artists from the Iranian diaspora: raised in a family of Persian intellectuals who greatly influenced her artistic education, she […]