Kaarina Kaikkonen for Bergamo and Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Reaching Light, 2023, Chiesa di Borgo Trento, Brescia, Ph. Mauro Zani

Bergamo and Brescia become the exhibition spaces for the iconic installations of Kaarina Kaikkonen, a contemporary Finnish artist who has been working for years with large-scale urban and relational art interventions. For the annual project Il Mantello di Arlecchino, The Palazzo dell’ Ex Centrale Telefonica in Via Tasso, Bergamo, lends its façade to become the […]

On today’s cover of La Lettura: Kaarina Kaikkonen

Kaarina Kaikkonen's cover of La Lettura

Thanks to Gianluigi Colin and Il Corriere della Sera’s La Lettura insert for for having dedicated the cover to Kaarina Kaikkonen and her gallery show. “A poetic drawing, full of evocations: a large bird like a matryoshka tells us about flights, travels, desires, with continuous departures and new returns” Gianluigi Colin Image: Kaarina Kaikkonen, No title, 2022, […]